Oil Painting Tips From Fine Artist Sajida Hussain

Learn all about an oil painting, the hard work behind and how to become a more accomplished artist or why appreciate these oil paintings for sale.

While some people are born artists, others take time to evolve and get experienced as they paint and learn more about the medium of oil. It is not easy to become a good oil painter as this is a tough medium to master. A beginner artist can get overwhelmed with things like perspective, techniques, color mixing and materials. The oil paintings I make are often made with tools like palette knives and a paint brush on canvas using different textures and colors

If you are thinking of becoming an accomplished artist and holding your exhibition of oil paintings in Pakistan, then get ready for lots of hours of hard work and labor.

To begin with, student should be well aware of the fundamentals of oil painting and arm themselves with an enormous amount of patience. After all, one cannot expect to create a professional level of work in the beginning. In fact, the painting will be a lot worse than you may anticipate. But if one is determined in their objectives, they will soon overcome all those initial hiccups and will be well on their way of becoming a good artist in the oil medium. The key here is not to get discouraged and learn from your mistakes. Do not let those early mistakes defeat you in your goals.

One should always focus on how to draw first and it is essential to learn the fundamentals of drawing if you want to improve your oil paintings. Most important thing will be to get acquainted with the colors if you want producing quality works of art.

Another important part is structure in the painting, if you are painting without structure is doing something without any plan. Structure is like a blueprint of any creation. It can be said as the vision that you want your art piece to look like. Reaching there without any plan or structure is absolutely impossible.

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