Art Program for Adult Islamabad

Classes are offered at all levels, from introductory to advanced. Students are free to choose from a wide range of subjects, such as still-life, portraiture, landscape, composition, decorative art and contemporary art (abstract, cubism). Students also can master different artistic mediums: Watercolour, Oil on Canvas, acrylic, Mixed Media, pencil, Palette Knife technique and more…

Students will be exploring new techniques, using various media, and encouraged to express their unique creativity throughout their learning process.

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Beginner's Drawing A
For anyone looking to become an artist, basic drawing skills are considered essential. This introduction to drawing course will challenge your senses and develop your drawing and shading skills – all in a supportive and inspirational environment. Topics include perspective and composition as well as the fundamentals of learning how to see. Class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout.
Intermediate Drawing B
Designed for those who have taken Beginners’ Drawing and want to take their skills to the next level, this class will expand upon the fundamentals while refining technique and introducing the use of different materials. Four classes will be devoted to drawing the human figure. This class will also incorporate costume/portrait drawing.

Elements of Art

This will introduce students to the “Elements of Art”. There are 7 elements which serve as building blocks of art: line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Each week we will explore one of these elements, culminating in our final class where we will review and combine all the elements into our art.

Exploring Artistic Techniques

This would offer a variety of techniques, mediums and material preparation. It is designed to allow artists of every level try a new medium or learn how to prepare surfaces for different mediums. Each week would cover one specific topic and lead into the next week. Weeks 2-8 we will have a demonstration at the beginning and a critique at the end of the class.

Painting Colour and Values

This painting class will focus on colour mixing, colour temperature, values and working with a limited pallet using oil or acrylic paints. Each week we will work on colour theory and a painting based on the days lesson working with a still life set up. Each student will be encouraged to work in their own individual style using pallet knives and/or brushes as desired

Portraiture/ Figure Drawing – All Levels

Study the basic steps to portraiture of  human proportion as you learn formal drawing techniques. This simple and accessible approach will reveal a richer understanding of how it is to draw the human form. Classes entail group and individual instruction

Acrylic and Water Soluble Oils – All Levels

Designed for those who have never tried acrylics or have limited painting skills, you’ll learn to master this plastic and flexible medium, starting with basic techniques and moving through a series of exercises and projects designed to develop your confidence and talents.

We will do Colour theory, form arrangement, perspective and composition with your preferred images.

Watercolour Representational – All levels

Exploring Colour, Design and More!

Explore transparent watercolor designed for the beginner. Basic watercolor techniques will be taught as you learn how to mix and “interpret” vibrant watercolor combinations. The creative possibilities are endless!

Learn to paint beautiful art works.  Composition, color, shapes and values. Landscape, florals and wildlife. Demonstrations and one on one instruction.

 Still Life in Watercolour

– All levels

This beautiful medium that’s provided the means to create some of the world’s greatest pieces of art. Working from a different still life every week or two, you’ll receive group and individual instruction on composition, color and technique. Students can work in traditional watercolor methods or explore other approaches.

 Landscape Painting from Photo Reference


Paint the landscape in oil, acrylic or watercolor as you work from photo references. You’ll learn how to interpret landscape through the principles of design and then explore and practice the techniques needed to reconstruct it in paint. Plenty of group and individual instruction provided throughout.

Not for beginners – some painting experience required.


 Mixed Media on Paper

Every medium has its strengths and when we combine them, the options multiply. Explore what happens when we combine ink, watercolor, pastels and more in this course designed to inspire fresh ideas and works. For beginner and intermediate students.

Beginner’s Oil Painting


A great start to your personal development as a painter! This course provides a basic introduction to the oil medium and includes guidance on choosing the proper materials and tools plus instruction on paint application, composition, color mixing and much more. Previous drawing experience necessary.

Beginner’s Abstract Painting

This beginner approach to abstract painting will have you experimenting with innovative ways of creating art as you plunge into expressive colour mixing, brushwork and composition. Invent new techniques for applying paint and devise radical artistic processes –all while creating your own abstract pieces. Plenty of class demonstrations and individual instruction provided throughout.

Oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media.

Pen and Ink Painting

This class will feature a demonstration and an optional skill development exercise. Traditional pen techniques such as hatching, cross–hatching, stippling and line weight will be stressed as well as the use of watercolor and monochromatic washes. Composition and drawing fundamentals will be important elements of this course.

PRE-REQUISITE: Some drawing  experience is an asset.

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